Animal Fats causes Pancreas Cancer

Yesterday I read Jawa Pos, and the headline is Leader of North Korea , Kim-Jong-il is diagnosed with pancreas cancer. Before I read this articel I knew that CEO Apple Computer Steve Jobs had diagnosed with pancreas cancer too.

Since pancreas cancer became headline news, I wanna know what we gonna do to prevent this cancer .

red meat

red meat

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute paper found those who had the most animal fats in their diet had a higher risk of developing the pancreas cancer.
UK experts said cutting down on the fats was a way of reducing risk.
There has previously been confusion over whether there was a link between animal fats and pancreatic cancer, with different studies reaching opposite conclusions.

About 7,000 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the UK each year, with smoking being the biggest risk factor.
The prognosis is poor – the time between diagnosis and death is usually about six months.

Men who consumed the highest amount of total fats had a 53% higher relative rate of pancreatic cancer compared with men who ate the least.
In women, there was a 23% higher rate of the disease in those eating the most fat compared with those who ate the least.
Overall, people who consumed high amounts of saturated fats had 36% higher relative rates of pancreatic cancer compared with those who consumed low amounts.

This large study adds to the evidence that pancreatic cancer is more common in people who eat too much fat, particularly saturated fat

Josephine Querido, Cancer Research UK

Smoking and Animal Fats causes Pancreas Cancer…
I am not a smoker of course 😎
Now, I think I will reduce to consume red meat because I think I can’t be vegetarian. πŸ˜€
I love meatlovers pizza, hamburger, hot dog and many more πŸ˜›
But I think it’s time to change 😎

For me it’s better prevent than cure it. So, I want change my life style to be more healthier.
Who’s with me?? πŸ˜€



One response to “Animal Fats causes Pancreas Cancer

  1. Try grass-fed beef πŸ™‚ It seems most of these health problems are related to consumption of corn-fed beef confined to feedlots. Cows just weren’t designed to digest corn, and the adverse health effects trickle down to those who consume their meat…Us.

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