Online Shopping

I don’t know when I start addicted to online shopping 😛
Since I ‘ve been a new member on Fashionese Daily, I try to online shopping in their forum called Market Plaza.

A few months ago I buy Ciciero Bags from this forum. After I transfered my money,, the day after tomorrow my packet is come to my house. 😀 I am so happy,,

That’s my first online shopping. And what for the next?
Next time I’ll try to buy a skincare in multiply 😉

Actually the benefit to buy online shopping is you can find a cheaper price than counter price.

But online shopping also has a risk, the product maybe not send to you.Although you has transfer your money.

But you must be careful, before you buy the product you must sure that the seller is recommended seller. You can see it in their guest book.

And maybe you can search about their testimonial in google.
If in their testimonial you not find many complain about their service, you may to buy their products.

Happy Shopping 😀


4 responses to “Online Shopping

  1. I totally agree that online shopping makes a person very addictive. Who would like to shop in markets if the products are available online?

    • Yes,,, Online Shopping is verry addictive. :mrgreen:
      We just tranferred our money and tomorrow Voila,,, It’s come to our home 😀
      And what the best??We got a cheaper price, if we pick a good seller

  2. I love shopping online, but you got to be careful nit to be ripped off. And sometimes the item of clothing doesn’t quite fit right. You should check out
    it’s an ebay store , but they have great stuff at low prices. I love ebay too.I like that you know about the seller before you by. 🙂

    • Hihihi,,, unfortunately I can’t buy from ebay .
      I dont have any credit card or paypal
      I’m afraid being addicted and uncontrol to shop if I have any Credit Card or PayPal 😀
      But thanks for the info

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