Japanese Curry

japanese curry

japanese curry

I am Japanese lover. I love Japanese style, I love manga a lot,
I love their culture and I also love Japanese Food.
Look the picture above,, so yummy right?

I never eat japanese curry (hiks hiks hiks 😦 )
If I read any manga (komik jepang) or watch anime , the character in the story always love to eat curry.

So thats my reason why I soooo want to cook Japanese Curry,, 😀
That’s sound ridiculous , right?

I dont know where to buy this food in Malang. So sad,,
I believe anyone who live in Jakarta can eat anything they looking for.
All kind of foods available in there. 😀

So I decided try to cook this. hehe, although I dont know how to cook japanese curry.
And after I search in google about how to cook japanese curry.
I think I will buy instant curry in supermarket.
It’s simple and easy,,, 😀

Instant curry is not available in Malang I thought.
I think I will ask one of my friend in Jakarta to buy this product hihihi 😀


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