Stop Using The Word “Autism” in Your Daily Jokes!

After I read about this article on and also my friend ask me to join this cause on Facebook, I think I will write something about autism in my blog.

First of all, Autism is not a JOKE!!

Banyak orang yang tidak menyadari akan hal ini dan memakai kata Autis “hanya” untuk bercanda ,mengejek, atau mengasosiasikan orang lain. Hal ini juga terjadi sejak wabah facebook melanda,banyak orang yang comment atau status nya menggunakan kata autis.

It’s very dissapointed, because we know that at least people who have a facebook are an educated people.

Autism is a brain development disorder characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behaviour. In Indonesia , medicinal treatment and therapy for autism child very minimum. It is not balance with increasing number of autism children in Indonesia. Can we imagine being the parents of one child with autism?

Autism Awareness Ribbon

Autism Awareness Ribbon

I can’t imagine how they felt whenever they hear about the insensitive jokes about autism that are inserted in everyday conversation. If one of our loved ones is autistic, we sure wouldn’t have the heart to joke about it, right? This is why we need to stop being insensitive, and give the autistic kids the respect that they deserve and have a little empathy to the parents who have been trying their best to treat their kids, all in the hope that their kids can live a fairly normal life, just like us the lucky ones.

We must stop to use Autism in our daily joke, It’s not funny! If my memories serves me right, I never use “Autism” in my daily joke. So you should stop to use it too.Have you?


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9 responses to “Stop Using The Word “Autism” in Your Daily Jokes!

  1. Hi, Yasinta,
    Thanks for the support and the care on this matter (I also commented on the posting; you can see my comments a littel way down the end).

  2. Hi Tukang Roti, yes I just wanna telt everyone that “autism” is not joke, thanks for comment in my blog
    I had read your comment in FD. I hope your child will be better,,,

  3. Jiahhhhh…….
    Gw ga boleh bilang lu autis dong wid?? wkwkwkw

    • hush dasar engel,,, ga boleh,,
      autis itu bukan buat becandaan,,
      banyak banget loh temen2 kita yg pake kata2 itu d status facebooknya
      dan itu ga pantes,, oke?

  4. ih baru nyadar aku, kalo itu gak baik…

  5. oh baru nyadar aku, kalo itu gak baik….thanks

  6. We adopted three boys with various forms of autism and appreciate those who would blog on such an important subject. People more than ever need to be informed about autism and what life is like for those so affected since this debilitating condition seems to be on the rise.

    • Hi KJ, thanks for your kindness to adopt children with autism syndrome. I believe there’s only few people wants to adopt autism child. I hope there will be more people like you who have a deep concern about autism child.

  7. Would like to share some Autism humour in another light.

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